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Earth Month

Over the years, through our SLA Green Apple Initiative, we have transitioned to using biodegradable trays, upgraded to Green Seal™ certified cleaning solutions, and greatly reduced our paper and Styrofoam consumption.

We are thrilled to expand our initiative further, raising awareness on the importance of animal conservation. For the month of April, we have partnered with the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center to share all they do to rehabilitate and conserve critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas.

Meet Lulingu!

Lulingu (lew-LING-goo) is currently the youngest gorilla at GRACE. SLA has virtually adopted Lulingu for the month of April to support the staffing, feeding, and medical costs of providing care for her. We encourage you to learn more about Lulingu’s journey to GRACE by clicking here.

Watch the GRACE Gorillas Live! powered by

Thanks to video services provided by, we are able to see Lulingu and her gorilla friends play, eat, and rest together in their forest habitat at GRACE.

Video footage of the GRACE gorillas will be shown on our Café TVs throughout the month of April so students can watch and learn more about gorilla conservation.

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