Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will a program cost?

Nothing. SLA assumes all financial responsibilities for every program, and all design and development work is performed at no cost to the school.  No fees, no participation minimum, and no hidden costs.

2. Will I still have a say in how the program functions?

Yes, SLA Management works directly with school administrators. We evaluate and recommend, but all final decisions are made by the school.

3. What about my current employees in foodservice?

SLA Management is willing to retain current employees, conditioned upon certain employment requirements and the endorsement of the administration.

4. What kind of lunches can we expect?

High quality, balanced, nutritious and appetizing meal at all times.

5. When can we start the process?

While every school we serve is unique, we provide a fast track evaluation allowing implementation of a program in an expeditious manner.

6. Do you provide management services for schools participating in the National School Lunch Program (Free & Reduced)?

Yes, we have the experience and systems to handle your NSLP program with the efficiency and accuracy you need. We are always accepting RFPs from interested parties. Please use our Contact Form for more information.